Friday, November 15, 2013

Glimpse of Heaven

Hello Friends and Family and other Fantastic people!

Hola! It is Monday again and I am very happy that I can still write this email despite the national holiday! Family History Library. I am very grateful for it.
I thought I would start off this letter with a couple quotes/observations.

4-year-old: Sing me a song!!!
Me: I wish I could, but I have a frog in my throat.
4-year-old: You have a FROG in your THROAT??
* 5 minutes later*
4-year-old: Mom! Sister Fox ate a frog!
7-year-old: What? Why did you eat a frog? That's disgusting!
Me: I was hungry.

Observation #1: The phrase, "It's just an expression" means nothing to a 4-year-old.
Brother Passey (And Sydney and probably 50 other people): What does the Fox say?
Me: Uhh . . . well . . . I preach the gospel  . . . is that what you're asking?

Observation #2: These people are not actually referring to me as The Fox, nor are they actually asking for my opinion.

Observation #3: The vast majority of Americans are now satisfied with how the word "Fox" is spelled and have shifted to inquiring after what sound a fox makes.

Observation #4: I have ceased to understand Youtube sensations.

Yesterday Elder Woolums gave the three of us bookmarks with dead cockroaches glued to them. The quote underneath it reads, "Fire and Brimstone still can't kill me . . ."

Observation #5: The Elders have cockroaches. The Sisters are grateful that they don't have cockroaches.

Observation #6: The Elders are bored.

Yes, I'm keeping the bookmark.

That's it for now. More of those to come next week I'm sure. Missions can be . . .kinda weird.
So this week was fantastic!! I love being a missionary. In fact, there were several times this week when we had little happy outbursts in the car as a companionship rejoicing about how great it is to be a missionary. Because, let's be honest. It's great. It's hard and frustrating and tiring and perfectly fantastic.

Monday was good! We played a new sport called "Spud." As I mentioned in the recording, it involves chucking soccer balls at each other and lots of running and funny poses and laughter. And guess who won the second round?? This missionary!! Woohoo!! Against 6 elders and 4 other sisters. Bragging rights.
I loved Tuesday. Tuesday was MLC, and I look forward to this meeting every month. There's a powerful spirit in a room full of mission leadership. Each zone leader and sister training leader brings an incredible spirit with them, as well as plenty of inspired ideas that help keep the mission running. We had incredible trainings on how to use time wisely and how to instill a sense of urgency in our missionaries. We also talked a lot about goal setting and accountability. This was one of my favorite MLC's thus far. Fingers crossed that President will let me stay a Sister Training Leader for a couple more transfers so I can keep going to MLC! We find out transfer information on Saturday. Dying.

Good grief this hour and a half goes so fast!! I'm gonna have to fly through the rest of this email. Ready, set, go!

So, Wednesday was fantastic! We went on exchanges with the Rogersville sisters and I had the opportunity to host this exchange with Sister Stewart. She is so cute; she's from Australia and has the most wicked accent. We're basically all jealous. She is also an incredible teacher. We had the opportunity to teach Marge the Restoration, and it was fantastic! It went so well, it was one of the best Restoration lessons I have taught. Our eyes were fixed as I related the account of Joseph Smith's Vision, and I loved seeing a look of recognition fill her eyes as I bore testimony of the Father and the Son appearing to Joseph Smith in that grove of trees. What faith! She accepted a baptismal date forNovember 30th!! Woohoo!!!! The Church is true! Sister Roundy and I almost pulled an Ammon and passed out in the hallway. We didn't, but we were still so excited! It's the best feeling when you meet someone who is ready to begin making the steps to receive exaltation. Most exhilarating and joyful feeling ever. Gives you a little glimpse of heaven.

Wednesday night we had a fantastic lesson with a less-active named Tony. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she soaked it all in. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation and testifying of the importance of keeping an eternal perspective. It's amazing and humbling to see what our Heavenly Father has in store for us. We are so blessed to have this knowledge. We know exactly what we need to do to qualify for eternal life. We have the knowledge that everyone wants! We know how to be happy! Everyone needs this. Everyone wants this. Some people just don't know it yet. Our calling as missionaries and as member missionaries is to find those who need this knowledge and share it with them. And the feeling that comes when you share it fills your heart with joy beyond comprehension. Gives you a little glimpse of heaven.

Thursday we had a fantastic lesson with Sydney. She is doing really well. We talked about self-worth and seeing ourselves the way God sees us. This is one of my favorite messages to share with the young women in the church. Too few know who they truly are or what they truly deserve. Sharing the truth with them is the best thing ever. We also had a breakthrough Thursday night, which gave me the inspiration for the title of this email. We met with the Mathes family, who is a less-active family. She was baptized years ago but didn't remember much about it at first. It seemed, after our first visit, that the church didn't make much of an imprint on her at all. But when we came back the second time, memories flooded back. She told us the details of her baptism and it was absolutely beautiful. As she went under the water she said she caught a glimpse of heaven. It's something beyond what she could even describe. As I reflected on her experience I started thinking about the role of the church in my life. Everything gives you a glimpse of heaven. When you are baptized, you feel clean, and all the burden of sin is lifted from your shoulders. You are given the Holy Ghost, who gives you a glimpse of heaven every time you feel his influence. You get a glimpse of heaven every time you go to church and partake of the sacrament, when you associate with those whom you love, when you come to learn and understand spiritual truths that will help prepare you to live in the kingdom of God. I was talking about this with my companions in the car on the way home as we were rejoicing after how awesome that lesson went. Why wouldn't anyone want to be a member of this church? It brings nothing but blessings, comfort, hope, and peace in times of trial and heartache. It teaches us how to bring our families closer together. It makes us happy. It gives us a glimpse of heaven. We are so lucky to have this Gospel in our lives!! Doesn't it just make y'all want to share it with everyone? =D

Which brings me to SaturdaySaturday rocked. Sis Bedke and I went down to Johnson City to give Sister Roundy a chance to host an exchange in Kingsport. We started the day with going to the Veterans Hospital with a group of girl scouts who wanted to give cards to the veterans and thank them for their service. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I loved seeing the faces of the veterans light up as these little girls wished them a happy Veterans Day. One day I want to do things like that with my kids. The joy that comes from serving others is something else. I just love it a lot!

Saturday I also got to see a baptism in the Johnson City Ward, and once again I ran into Chelise. That was perfectly awesome! I didn't expect to see her there. I don't know why. But it was fantastic.

AH there's still so much to tell!! And no time to do it!! Good thing I keep a journal. Missions are awesome!! And I love them so much!! They're just. . . so great. I love being a missionary. I can't believe I'm reaching 10 months. Double digits. That's insane. I just hope that in the time I have left I can become the missionary God has always wanted me to be, and bless as many lives as I can in the process. Because that is what this Church does. It blesses lives. It leads people to happiness. It gives us all a glimpse of heaven. Church is true, Book is blue, JOIN IT!! =D

Love y'all lots!! Until next week!

-Sister Fox

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