Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Day in the MTC

Hello!  I am writing this at the end of my very first day in the MTC.  And I can tell you now:  it is awesome!  Seriously.  I love it here already!  The spirits so strong here and everyone is super happy.  Especially if you have that silly orange dot on our name tag.  You get an automatic “Welcome!”  Even from the Elders.  Wasn’t expecting that!
So I suppose I’ll start where I left off.  I go inside, I give them my last name to get my name tag, and the woman repeats, “F..O..X.”  I go to the next desk to get my room key.  “Last name?”  “Fox”  “*snicker* F..O..X.”  I go to the next room to get my study materials.  “Last name?  “Fox” “*snicker* F..O..X.”  Yep.  Three times!  That third person asked me if I get that a lot.  Why yes, yes I do. 
Then we met our teachers and district.  Sadly, Sister Day is not in my district, but she is in my zone, so we’ll be going to church and the temple together.  I also met my lovely companion!  Her name is sister Johnson, and she is a little quiet, but super cute and friendly.  It is a little strange being joined at the hip with someone, but I’ll get used to it.  I have the feeling we’ll be getting super close!
So, after class we met the MTC President and had a mini-devotional.  The best part was singing “Army of Helaman” –we changed the works “we will be” to “we are now the Lord’s missionaries.”  Cephulus Explodicus.  It is so cool to be in a room full of missionaries singing hymns together.  The Spirit is so strong here!
So!  P-day is Thursday.  Starting next week though, because tomorrow is orientation.  The Branch President told us to ask all y’all to email via Dear Elder, not myldsmail.  That way I can get mail the day you send it instead of waiting until Thursday. 
Cafeteria food is not that frightening.  They have lots of fresh fruits and bagels and salad and such.  So it is possible to eat healthy!  To an extent anyway.
I also get to use my climbing skills!  Cuz… my bunk bed has no ladder.  So I get to improvise!  Making the bed was a party and a half, especially trying to get the fitted sheet on the mattress.  Practicing my rodeo skills, I guess!
I love my district already.  We have 12- record high!  6 boys, 6 girls.  Also first time in history Elders and Sisters were half and half.  The work is expanding!
So, rest assured, I love it here already.  The spirit is strong, my roommates are awesome (all 5 of them), my teachers are fun, and I love my zone and district.  These next three weeks will be perfectly fantastic.  The schedule is crazy, but I love feeling so productive.  I love the feeling of being a missionary already.  The joy that comes from doing God’s work is already flooding my heart, and I cannot express my gratitude and excitement to be here.  I’m in good hands, and I can feel the love of the Savior more profoundly than ever before.  I cannot express it enough; I love it here!
I love all y’all too, and have been praying for you.  I hope you know how happy I am to be a missionary and how excited I am to do this for the next 18 months!  I hope all is well back at home and you are all in good spirits!  Love you lots!  Until next week,

Love/Sister Fox

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