Sunday, December 9, 2012


MTC Mailing Address:

Sister Brianna Michelle Fox
MTC Mailbox #315
TN-KNOX 0205
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT, 84604-1793

Mission Home:

Sister Brianna Michelle Fox
Tennessee Knoxville Mission
11320 Station West Dr Ste 101
Farragut, TN, 37934
United States

I love all y'all dearly and appreciate your generosity. But due to my efforts to keep myself healthy and fit, I would greatly appreciate healthy snacks, rather than sweets, in any packages. If you send me sugar I guarantee it will go to my companions. But I'm sure they'll appreciate it. =) Thanks for your understanding!

Cliff bars are welcome! Seriously. I love those things. ;)


  1. Miss Fox.
    You do not yet have your MTC address here. I for sure want to send you letters for the first two/three weeks of your mission! Do you have the MTC address yet?
    Love you lots! And lots and lots!
    Also I love you more and also most. So there.

  2. Miss Riss,
    Thank you for your concern. I will not receive my MTC mailing address until the Friday before I leave. Next Friday I will post it to my blog.
    Also, I love you more than most. So there.